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Unique acrylic sealant which prevents paint problems

Acryl Anti-Crack

Instantly paintable acrylic sealant

Acryl Wet on Wet

Silicone for fresh and salt water aquaria


Neutral silicone sealant for sealing natural stone and sanitary, glazing and façade joints

Building & Sanitary 210

Unique acrylic sealant which prevents paint problems

Crackle Free 120

Dual Applicator for PU-adhesives

Zwaluw Dual PU-Applicator

Fire resistant acrylic sealant

FP Acrylic Sealant

Fire resistant sealant

FP Hybrid Sealant

Strongly intumescent fire resistant sealant

FP Intumescent Acrylic

Strongly intumescent fire resistant coating

FP Intumescent Coating

Fire retardant polyurethane foam certified according EN 1366-4

FP PU Gun Foam

Fire retardant silicone sealant

FP Silicone Sealant

Acetoxy silicone sealant with high temperature resistance

Gasket-Sealant Red

Over paintable immediately after application

Instant Paintable Caulk

Non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready mixed filler

Instant Plaster Filler

High quality ready-to-use hardening joint repair filler

Joint Fix®

Ready mixed and easy to use

Mortar Repair Cement

Ultra lightweight ready to use filler