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Better results through Knowledge


As passionate specialists in our field we pro-actively share our knowledge. We have many products for many applications. Since we believe selecting and applying the right products makes a major difference on the final result we put an extra effort in training our customers and end customers how to get to the best results every day again. Through a recently founded “Centre of Excellence” we have a dedicated team of our best experts to train your teams and customers. Furthermore we test our and our competitors’ products in the laboratory to verify if they meet expectations.

Certainty of supply

quality control

In terms of certainty of supply we are among the strongest and most reliable partners in the market. In this ever more competitive market, our customers need to get the right products on time, within the shortest possible timeframe. Together with our tier 1 suppliers of materials and services we work hard on a daily basis to reach continuously improving world class service levels. In case of calamities we have secured supply via our network of 8 facilities.

Innovating the category


On top, we put an effort in innovating the category via our R&D and marketing teams. Via learning on the construction place from the end customers, the feedback from our strategic partners (both customers and top tier suppliers) our R&D teams continuously develop new solutions. In addition, our marketing teams are ready to share their knowledge and plan marketing activities with you like joint promotions, planograms, displays and package deals. We even go as far developing full concepts with our strategic partners from product development to artwork and design.

Customers are our strategic partners

Strategic Partners

It is in the DNA over our account managers to treat our customers as strategic partners. We do regular account visits in combination with always-on support. Most importantly we are very much focused on monitoring and avoiding channel conflicts, we treat our customers as strategic partners with whom we together increase value across the supply chain. For example, we seek opportunities to drive efficiency in the value chain like EDI and drive strategic discussions how to grow the category.



Doing business with Den Braven means being compliant with current and future legislation, environmental, social, health and safety governance. Our R&D teams are continuously tracking regulatory changes and trends, keeping our portfolio in shape for the future, like CE and CLP requirements. In addition, we have regular audits to test our performance versus our ambitious environmental and social governance agenda. Finally, we manage to gain our ISO certifications (9001 and 14001).

Diversity of products

Product Range

We are one of the few players, if not the only one in the market, that can handle such a diversity of products at such scale. Via our strong network of automated production facilities we are able to handle and customize any given order size. We offer the deepest portfolio of sealants, foams, aerosols and other adhesives, tailored to specific application areas. Next to our branded products we are able to offer a full solution for private label, including artwork and design.