Private Label | Den Braven

Den Braven as your private label supplier

If your business is selling sealants, adhesives, polyurethane foam, fillers, technical aerosols or other building and construction related products, Den Braven can be your manufacturing powerhouse for delivering your private label. Den Braven despatches millions of canisters, cartridges, cans of silicone, hybrids, acrylics, polyurethane foams and many other technologies and packaging types.

Boost your branded benefits

For more than 40 years Den Braven has been one of the leading manufacturers of sealants, adhesives, polyurethane foam, fillers, technical aerosols and many other building and construction related products. Den Braven can be recognised by its strong global brand but in addition to this, we are fully equipped to support your business with your private brand. Our private label clients have the full confidence in Den Braven’s efficient and reliable private label service. In our 8 production units we are able to produce volume orders for many different products, in a timely manner, for your company anywhere in the world.

Other Den Braven Private Label Advantage

With the expertise of Den Braven we can reduce your time-consuming process for designing and developing your artwork. Den Braven is able to offer a variety of different packaging, colours and content, from standard cartridges, sausages and cans to tubes, buckets and other primary packaging. Even the secondary packaging can be made based upon your requirements to be able to diversify in your market. Beside this we can offer you a single product or an extremely wide portfolio. Den Braven is always striving for strategic partnerships and we can offer you a visitto our Centre of Excellence. Here you and your commercial team can be technically trained on your selected portfolio. Your sales force and your marketing department can also benefit from this concept.

The private label process from A to Z

Our dedicated International Key Account Teams will analyse your needs and demands regarding your private label. A PIT Manager, your representative within Den Braven, will coordinate your needs with our departments Quality and Environment, Artwork and Graphical and Product Management. Our Quality and Environment department will investigate and coordinate the need of CE Marking and CLP phrases of your private label products. Our specialised in-house Artwork and Graphical department is able to design and create your private label artwork. If needed the Product Management department is able to adjust/deliver the correct technical and commercial content. Den Braven is able to offer you artwork that fully complies with the regulations and legislation and your corporate and branded identity.

Inform us about your private label needs and demands and we will fulfil your requirements.