Zwaluw Silicone-COLOURS and Zwaluw Silicone-NM are combined in one product: Zwaluw Silicone-COLOURS + Natural Stone. Safe for natural stone and porous surfaces, easy to process.

From week 41, something will change in the Den Braven assortment. One of our best qualities is available in a new label. The Zwaluw Silicone-COLOURS and Zwaluw Silicone + NM are discontinued, but their properties are reflected in one new product: Zwaluw Silicone-COLOURS + Natural Stone.

Benefits of Zwaluw Silicone-COLOURS + Natural Stone:

■ Available in 14 colors
■ Very suitable for natural stone: no chance of discoloration or staining
■ Neutral curing, almost odorless
■ Perfect bonding without primer to most substrates
■ UV, water, moisture and weather resistant
■ Mould resistant

Benefits for you and the end user

Faster production and delivery; 1 product means less work for us. We do not need to rebuild machines at the factory, quality tests now focus on 1 product and our Customer Service department can provide a more targeted answer.