Lean & Green Logistics is a CO2 reduction program that encourages organizations to grow to a higher level of sustainability. Companies not only take measures that result in cost savings, but at the same time also reduce environmental impact. On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, Bostik Benelux B.V. received the first star from Lean & Green!

Validated by the Lean & Green Logistics program, organizations show that they are actively making efforts to make their logistics process more sustainable. That is definitely something to be proud of, as sustainability not only benefits the economy but also the environment. The program is based on concrete reduction objectives. The ultimate goal of the Lean & Green program is zero emission that is symbolized by the 5th Lean & Green Star.

Since April 16 Bostik Benelux B.V. is the proud owner of our first Lean & Green star.

How did Bostik Benelux B.V. make that happen?

The Lean & Green star is given to organisations that manage to achieve a CO2 reduction of minimum 20% within a maximum period of five years.

The measurement period for Bostik Benelux B.V. was set from 2013 up to and including 2018. In this period Bostik has achieved the 2nd level in the Lean & Green program, the 1st star. This makes Bostik Benelux B.V. the first in our sector to receive the star.

Within the Benelux region Bostik Benelux B.V. is responsible for CO2 reduction of at least 20% in the 5-year period. This is partly due to the fact that Bostik is fully integrated with DGL (De Graaf Logistics) - which already has two stars to its name – and the efforts within Bostik Benelux B.V. to efficiently bundle the volumes of customer orders.

Among many efforts it is worth mentioning that with our export volumes we have increased our share in rail transport by no less than 475% within 2 years! Our share of container transport to Rotterdam by waterway changed from 20% to 80% in 3 years’ time. We also closely cooperate with shippers and service providers in the region, reaching out to other manufacturers with similar logistic patterns. Also close collaboration with local and national government institutions provides us with the necessary means to make a difference.

One of the upcoming changes in our logistic set-up will be the switch to Bio-diesel (HVO100) for all our transport between DGL, Oosterhout and our Giessen facility in Q3 2019. This will represent a reduction of CO2 emission between 89% to 92% compared to traditional diesel fuel.

And so we are on our way to get the second star!

What exactly are the different Lean & Green levels?

Different levels can be achieved within the Lean & Green program. Below is a brief explanation:

1. The Lean & Green Award is given to organizations that commit themselves to the sustainability ambition of a CO2 reduction of minimum 20% within a maximum period of five years. That is done by the means of an approved Action Plan

2. The Lean & Green Star is awarded to organizations that have achieved the CO2 reduction goal of a minimum 20% within a maximum period of five years.

3. The 2nd Lean & Green Star is awarded to organizations that realize new sustainability goal(s): a CO2 reduction of minimum 10% within three years.

4. The 3rd Lean & Green Star is awarded to organizations for achieving a further CO2 reduction of minimum 5% within two years.