Bostik is now introducing a high grip glue that will stand out: Zwaluw Ultra High Tack. It has the highest initial suture. This elastic glue is also very suitable for bonding porous materials such as natural stone and marble, without the risk of stains or discoloration.

Very suitable for porous surfaces such as natural stone

The new Ultra High Tack has all the advantages of the trusted High Tack. The innovative formula gives the highest initial adhesion and no risk of stains or discolouration. It is precisely these properties that make the glue very suitable for porous surfaces such as natural stone.
Thanks to the very broad adhesion spectrum and versatile usability, Zwaluw Ultra High Tack is indispensable part of the equipment of professionals in the construction and industry. The glue is supplied in the color white in a 290 ml cartridge.

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