Zwaluw Hybriseal Façade is a high quality professional universal low modulus sealant for sealing construction and dilatation joints and joints in pedestrian walkways on most common building materials such as concrete, brickwork, painted wood, enamel, aluminium, stainless steel and a variety of plastics.

And from now Zwaluw Hybriseal Façade is certified with EMICODE® EC1 +

For a healthy indoor climate, it is important to pay attention to ingredients of materials for floor coverings and building products such as insulation panels, adhesives or seals. When a product carries an EMICODE® label, you can assume that the emission is very low and meets the strictest rules and standards. This is constantly monitored by independent inspection bodies.

EMICODE® EC1 + guarantees years of clean and safe indoor air quality.

Zwaluw Hybriseal Façade

Zwaluw Hybriseal Façade

■ Low modulus
■ Perfect adhesion without primer to most, even damp, surfaces
■ No shrinkage and bubble free
■ High mechanical resistance

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