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Polyurethane is one of the most versatile insulating materials. Polyurethane foam (PU foam) has a wide variety of applications such as gap filling,...

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Professional polyurethane foam with high yield

Maxi PU foam B3

Professional polyurethane foam with high yield

PU Gunfoam Maxi

Powerful PU foam cleaner

Universal PU-Cleaner

Hand held polyurethane foam

PU Foam

Professional polyurethane gun foam

PU Gunfoam


Polyurethane is one of the most versatile insulating materials. Polyurethane foam (PU foam) has a wide variety of applications such as gap filling, thermal insulation, sound insulation, bonding and passive fire protection.

We cannot imagine the building sector without this insulating material. Polyurethane foam is available in several variations, including canisters with one or two-component foam. The foam can be applied by hand (adaptor) or with a gun. Depending on the type, the foam will expand up to 30 times its original volume after application and cures under the influence of the moisture in the air.

Den Braven is an official FEICA member. As a FEICA member Den Braven as a manufacturer of OCF (One Component Foam) is obligated to test the products in accordance with the test procedures of the FEICA. These standard testing methods guarantee consistency and comparability for the market. FEICA has developed 19 standard test methods (TM’s) to which the FEICA members must adhere and communicate the results in technical datasheets:
a. Manufacturers declaration of intent :
b. See and read all 19 standard test methods :

Gap Filling
Polyurethane foam can be used very well to fill cracks and cavities in building structures and spaces between walls, frames and doors. For these applications Den Braven supplies standard and premium foams, such as High Yield (Maxi-Foam), or traditional foams with user-friendly application guns.

Thermal Insulation and Air Tightness
Insulating, i.e. window frames or building structures, such as wall and roof elements, and airtight is another possibility with polyurethane foam. Sustainable airtight building solutions eliminates undesirable air currents. Den Braven supplies unique foams with a very high insulation value and very low air permeability, that more than meet this standard. A good example is Zwaluw Green-Foam, that combines the specific desirable properties for airtight building in a 100% MDI-free product.

Sound Insulation
By using polyurethane foams in joint work a massive sound reduction can be achieved. Polyurethane foam is known to be very good at blocking out mid-range frequencies (like conversation and loud music). The majority of the Den Braven polyurethane foams do have a “joint sound insulation” report to underpin their sound reduction performances.

Den Braven manufactures a range of unique high-end one and two-component foams based on polyurethane for bonding of various materials. The environment, time-saving, clean application, low-cost and simplicity are key aspects that form the basis for the development of these products.

Den Braven supplies high-end quality foams for linear joints in fire compartments, positioned both horizontally and vertically. These foams can also be used as an insulating barrier to make the surface penetrations fire-resistant and to prevent the passage of smoke, heat and fire. from penetrating the structure. This improves the fire-resistance of buildings, allowing people time to be evacuated to a ‘safe’ environment, and gives the emergency services time to perform their work. The Den Braven fireproofing polyurethane foams are tested and approved according to the directives of the EN 1366 part 4 for linear joints.