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Multi-Oil 6 in 1

Multi-Oil 6 in 1
Multi-purpose application. Spray beam for on spot application

Multi-Oil 6 in 1 is a thin fluid oil spray for lubrication and maintenance of metal parts. Suitable for automotive and engineering, locksmithery, crafting and households. Multi-Oil 6 in 1 is silicone-free.

Areas of application

Penetrates threads, lubricates hinges, coils, springs, water-taps, windows and door-handles, swivel chairs, etc.

Suppresses humidity on metal surfaces, e. g. electrical contacts, car ignitions, tools, motor-bikes and outboard engines.

Solves paint stick stains, grease, tar, rubber and adhesive residues. Loosens rusty parts.
Penetrates deeply and loosens rusty, fretted and stuck nut bolts, screws, switches, wires and other locks.

Leaves a protective film against rust, corrosion of bycicles, pushchairs, chrome parts, motor-bikes, outboard engines and tools.
Loosens stuck mechanical fixtures, loosens and greases door locks, hinges, zippers, sewing machines, switches, couplings and wires.


Shelf life

Store between +5°C and +25°C in shaded conditions. Shelf life is 24 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging.

Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
12009741 8711595189729 Can 400 ml

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