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Backer Rod PE

Backer Rod PE
PE foam rod for sealing joints

Zwaluw Backer Rod PE is a closed-cell (polyethylene) foam rod used to fill joints between building materials to make sure the joint sealant will reach its correct dimension in width and depth. Zwaluw Backer Rod PE is supplied in various diameters, Ø 6 to 50 mm.


  • Avoids three-sided adhesion of sealants

Areas of application

Zwaluw Backer Rod PE can be used in construction and expansion joints to achieve the correct joint-dimensions and to prevent three-sided adhesion of the sealant.

Zwaluw Backer Rod PE must be used in the construction and expansion joint to achieve the correct joint dimension and to prevent three-sided adhesion of the sealant. If the depth of the joint is not sufficient enough to apply both Zwaluw Backer Rod PE and Zwaluw Sealant, then a Zwaluw Break Tape PE should be used instead of the Backer Rod PE. The Backer Rod PE also prevents three-sided adhesion of the Zwaluw Sealant.

Make sure that the width of the joint corresponds to the movement capability of the Zwaluw Sealant. In order to to calculate a correct joint dimension, please visit our website or contact Den Braven for a proper recommendation.

The joint sealant depth can be calculated by using the following formulation: Joint Depth = (Joint Width divided / 3) + 6.

Please make sure that the diameter of the Zwaluw Backer Rod is 50% larger than the gap between the two building substrates. If the joint width is 20mm the diameter of the Zwaluw Backer Rod should be Ø 30 mm.


Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content Diameter Length
210147 8711595072793 Roll - 10 mm 600 m
210146 8711595080699 Roll - 8 mm 600 m
210145 8711595072786 Roll - 6 mm 15 m

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