Centre of Excellence | Den Braven

Centre of Excellence

Den Braven has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the application of adhesives, sealants and polyurethane foams in the construction, industry and DIY.
The Centre of Excellence is the platform where Den Braven shares this knowledge and experience with its key accounts and other interested parties such as architects, house builders and applicators.

The CoE building

This ultra-modern building was opened by Den Braven on November 1, 2014 and is a dynamic facility. Den Braven has chosen a sustainable building method which has been constructed using the Den Braven DLB airtightness products and certified to the highest class of air tightness.
The CoE is powered by renewable energy sources, being a combination of a geothermal pump and solar panels to generate enough power to give the ideal environmental working conditions.
The interior of the building is very stylish and contains a demonstration room where visitors can undertake practical applications. Up to 50 people can be accommodated in an auditorium where presentations are given using the most up to date digital technology.

The CoE team

The CoE team consists of specialists in the technical application field, the building also houses the Den Braven Group Marketing team. This enables us to launch a new product globally using both technical and marketing concepts to the highest level.

The CoE activities

Den Braven invites major key accounts from all over the world to the CoE for technical theoretical courses and practical demonstrations. We have created basic learning concept modules that cover all our products and it is a requirement that all members of the Den Braven international sales team are examined and certified in all these modules.
Together with distributors and end-users the CoE team looks at product portfolio’s to make them more competitive with enhanced features and benefits.

The CoE team is responsible for technical documents such as TDS, SDS and technical bulletins. These bulletins can be found on the Den Braven website, each bulletin contains detailed information regarding the application of the products. Instructional and promotional DVD’s of our products are produced in the CoE and can be found on the Den Braven Youtube channel and website. The CoE team supports the sales department with technical advice and assists in the search for causes and solutions regarding any problems that can occur. Den Braven is also able to offer webinars which enables people from all over the world to participate in our technical training sessions.