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PU Thermo Adhesive B1

PU Thermo Adhesive B1
Professional B1 adhesive foam for external insulation facade systems

Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B1 is a moisture-curing one component low-expansion polyurethane adhesive for bonding and installation of façade insulation boards (EWI/EIFS). Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B1 cannot be dissolved after curing. It is waterproof, rot proof, permanently elastic and can be plastered. Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B1 has a very good structure and excellent adhesion from +5°C. Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B1 is part of the product portfolio Sustainable Airtight Building Solutions. These products are tested on thermal insulation, resistance to driving rain and air loss. Correctly applied these products can contribute to energy savings of a building and therefore can come into close proximity with concepts such as passive house and energy neutral houses.


  • B1, thus for use above 10 meters
  • Efficient bonding of façade insulation panels
  • Reduces labour time
  • No water and mixing on building site
  • No need for electricity
  • Reduces storage space on building site
  • Environmentally friendlier than traditional cement mortars

Areas of application

Zwaluw PU Thermo Adhesive B1 can be used for highly efficient bonding and assembly of polystyrene (EPS, EPS-P, XPS etc.) rigid polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR) and mineral fibre panels to concrete, plaster and masonry, as well as for filling joints between the insulation boards.


Shelf life

If kept stored in a cool, dry place, in unopened original packaging, between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life is up to 18 months from production date. Store the canisters in an upright position.

Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
- - Can 750 ml

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