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IG Glasseal

IG Glasseal
Neutral silicone sealant for secondary edge sealing during the manufacturing of insulation glass

Zwaluw IG Glasseal is a 1-component neutral silicone sealant with a high modulus which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber.


  • Excellent bonding on glass
  • Neutral curing, almost odourless

Areas of application

Zwaluw IG Glasseal was specifically developed for secundary edge sealing of insulation glass. For the production of insulating glass a primary seal of polyisobutylene (PIB) must be used in combination with a spacer bar with soldered, welded or with butyl injected corners. The product adheres excellently without primer to glass. Before applying, remove any coating present on the bonding surfaces of the glass.


Shelf life

In unopened original packaging between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life till 12 months after production date, stored in a dry place.

Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
10808304 - Sausage 600 ml

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