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Database on this website

This website contains a database of the Declarations of Performance (DoP) in PDF format from all Den Braven products with a CE marking.

The Den Braven DoP files are available in the languages that are relevant for that particular building product. In case of a revision of the DoP, all versions (actual and former) are to be found in the database.

CE Marking

As of July 1st 2014, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR, EU 305/2011) became effective for sealants throughout the European Union. This regulation requires all construction products for which a harmonized standard exists, to be CE marked and supplied with a Declaration of Performance (DoP). In this DoP all essential characteristics including their level or class are specified, according to the standard. This DoP has to be supplied in paper or digitally and has to be saved for up to 10 years.

Search and download

Find the PDF-file of the Declaration of Performance (DoP) that you need and download the file.

Simply read the DoP number from the CE marking and enter in the search box above.