FP Pipe Wrap

FP Pipe Wrap
Intumescent Firewrap

The FP Pipe Wrap is fire wrap which expands vastly in case of fire. The FP Pipe Wrap is applied around plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE) which are fitted through (composite) walls and floors. The Wrap is wrapped around the pipe and fastened with the glue strip. After that the wrap is pushed into the construction. The intumescent effect of the FP Pipe Wrap prevents heat, smoke and fire movng to the next compartment.


  • Up to 2 hours fire resistance
  • Ideal for use in composite walls
  • Only one wrap required per wall construction
  • Is placed in the compertment wall/ceiling/floor
  • Available in the most popular sizes 50 to 160 mm
  • Thoroughly tested by leading European Test Institutes (notified bodies)
  • Stops penetration of fire and smoke

Areas of application

The FP Pipe Wrap is placed in a recess in the construction, where the space between the FP Pipe Wrap and the construction is less than 10mm.


Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
210505 8711595168427 Sleeve Ø 160mm
210504 8711595168410 Sleeve Ø 125mm
210503 8711595168403 Sleeve Ø 110mm
210502 8711595168397 Sleeve Ø 90mm
210501 8711595168380 Sleeve Ø 80mm
210500 8711595168373 Sleeve Ø 75mm
210499 8711595168366 Sleeve Ø 50mm

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