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The products displayed on this page vary in supportive products or products that complements Den Braven ‘s technology range. We can divide roughly the following breakdown in our portfolio for Miscellaneous:

1. Tools & Ancillaries
2. Cleaners & Primers
3. Fillers
4. Tapes & Membranes
5. Others Den Braven Products

Tools & Ancillaries
A complete range of polyurethane guns for the polyurethane foams and caulking guns for the Den Braven sealants and adhesives. Inhere Den Braven is also displaying ancillaries like such as backing rods, tooling materials such as finishers and ready mixed finishers and tooling spatulas.

Cleaners & Primes
A complete range of complementary products to clean all kinds of surfaces and to pre-treat the surface to adhere on with a “surface modifier” to enhance the adhesion or to close the porous structure of the surface.

Den Braven is able to offer a complete range of fillers for internal and external use. Based on acrylics, polyesters and epoxies, single and two component with each of them having specific unique characteristics and performances.

Tapes & Membranes
A wide sub assortment of tapes ranging from painters tapes to high-end compression tapes for air tight building and passive house solution till to complementary tapes for mounting façade panels and mirrors. Included in this sun assortment you can also find the membranes like such as non-woven air tight and passive house membranes, butyl and bituminous tapes, aluminium tapes and EPDM façade tapes.

Other Den Braven Products
Still a A variety of products left who remain which are not classifiable as the mentioned technologies - acrylics, silicones, hybrids, polyurethane sealants and polyurethane foams and as above prescribed portfolio of miscellaneous products.