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FP Hybrid Sealant

FP Hybrid Sealant
Fire resistant sealant

Zwaluw FP® Hybrid Sealant is a high quality professional 1-component fire resistant sealant based on hybrid technology, that provides up to 4 hours of fire resistance in linear joints.


  • Tested according to EN 1366-4
  • Up to 4 hours of fire resistance
  • Also suitable for wall/ceiling and wall/floor connections
  • Suitable for joints up to 30 mm wide
  • Certified for steel/wooden frames
  • Certified for all metal-stud connections
  • Excellent processing and easy toolability
  • Joint movement up to 25%
  • Paintable with most water based and synthetic paints
  • Non corrosive towards metals
  • Resistant to UV, water and weather

Areas of application

Zwaluw FP® Hybrid Sealant was specficially developed for fire resistant sealing of connection and expansion joints in construction, which in case of fire, should have a certain fire resistance and prevents spreading of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Also certified for horizontal joints, connection floor/ceiling with wall, wooden and steel frames, stony substrates and all metal-stud applications. Fire resistance tested according to EN 1366-4 for up to 240 minutes in a joint of 30 mm wide. Choose the correct fire resistance for your application by consulting the classification and test reports.


Shelf life

In unopened original packaging between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life is up to 18 months from production date, stored in a dry place.

Concrete Grey
Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
16160 8711595168762 Cartridge 290 ml

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