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Strongly reinforced tape

Mirror Tape

Closed manual caulking gun for sausages

MK5 H310

Closed manual caulking gun for sausages

MK5 H600

Closed pneumatic caulking gun

MK5 P310

Closed pneumatic caulking gun

MK5 P600

Open, stable and durable manual caulking gun

MK5 Skelet

PE Glazing Tape

PE Glazing Tape

Provides protection agains rust. With MoS2 & additional corrosion protection

Penetrating Oil Spray

High modulus polyurethane sealant

Polyflex® 452

Premium PU foam gun

PU Gun Foam Applicator

Neutral silicone for sanitary-, glazing- and façade joints

Silicone NO-MF

Anti-oxidising silicone spray

Silicone Spray

Removes cured silicone residue


One component, high-strength neutral sealant for structurally glazed curtain wall applications

Structural Silicone 795-4000

Fast super glue

Super Glue

A ready to use primer to improve the adhesion of hybrid-, PU- & silicon-sealants to many porous and non-porous substrates

Universal Primer

Powerful PU foam cleaner

Universal PU-Cleaner

Bright colour, based on acrylic resin combination

Zinc-Alu Spray