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Silicone for fresh and salt water aquaria

Zwaluw Aqua-Silicone is an acetoxy silicone sealant which cures by reacting to moisture to form a durable elastic rubber.


  • Sealant and adhesive
  • Non toxic for fish when fully cured
  • For fresh and sea water aquaria

Areas of application

Zwaluw Aqua-Silicone was specifically developed for bonding and sealing full glass constructions as aquaria, terraria and showcases. The product has excellent adhesion to glass. For selecting the glass thickness of the aquarium we refer to DIN 32622.


Shelf life

If kept stored in a cool, dry place, in unopened original packaging, between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life is up to 24 months from production date.

Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
- - Cartridge 310 ml
- - Cartridge 280 ml
Article number EAN barcode Packaging Content
12006105 - Cartridge 280 ml
10264001 8711595009294 Cartridge 310 ml

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